Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog of the Travel Bugs! This blog belongs to the soon to be site seeing babes of Cassie K., Gabbi R., Ashley C., and Maddie T. We are beyond excited about the Eastern Europe Trip and are counting down the days until we take flight! Before we land in Budapest, Hungary (our first stop in Eastern Europe) we felt like we needed to share some information with you. We are visiting three different countries and cities which in include Budapest, Hungary, Vienna, Austria, and Prague, Czech Republic. Among the three wonderful places we will travel we were assigned the task of doing initial research on Austria and the city of Vienna. Enjoy the culture- filled knowledge you will soon gain from our blog and follow us as we embark on a journey that will be life changing for us all!

To give everyone a little taste of Vienna, Austria before we get there, here is a bit of info we discovered about the city and country. Enjoy!

Vienna is the largest city as well as the capital of Austria measuring out to be 160 square miles of city. With it being the largest city in Austria, it is also home to about one fourth of all the people of Austria. One small very well-known section of Vienna is called Inner Town. Inner Town is the oldest section of the city and is home to places like churches, banks, etc. Vienna is one of nine states in Austria located in the northeast region of the country. It is caught in the middle between both the Danube River and the foothills of the Alps, being well known initially as a place to import and export goods; being one of Europe’s most important land and water routes. Imports include motor vehicles, chemicals, metal goods, oil products and machinery. Exports include motor vehicles and parts, paper and paperboard, iron and steel, and textiles. Austria touches the borders of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, which all are involved in some sort of trade with Vienna. Around this time of the year the weather in Vienna stays in the mid-70s which is perfect to be a tourist!

Vienna has a population of 63,146 people with 66.3% of them being married, 21.7% being single. 5.2% widowed, and 6.8% being divorced. There is a good amount of people living in Vienna that do not have children, with the percentage being recorded at 63.4% and only 36.6 % of people with children. English is the dominant language spoken in Vienna, with well over half of its people having it as their native tongue. Spanish however, is only spoken by 8% of its entire population. The average income that is said to have by most in Vienna is between $60,000- $100,000. The salaries in Vienna is how most of the population make their money coming in at 84% with investing being a close second with about 65%. More than 40% of Vienna's population consists of people from Czech, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, and Germany. Over half of the Viennese people are Roman Catholic.

Now that we have learned a bit about the geography and demographics of Vienna, lets learn about a few places that sound amazing and us girls can't wait to visit!

"Vienna boasts many beautiful palaces that I would love to visit, including the Schonbrunn palace and the Hofburg Palace. I would really enjoy going to an Austrian dinner show where we are provided dinner and entertainment all at once! A couple things that I plan to do in my free time are visit the Hundertwasserhaus apartment complex and attend the Spanish Riding School. The Hundertwasserhaus complex was built upon a concept of an Austrian artist and is full of color and character. I absolutely love horses so I'm very excited about the riding school. Can't wait for Vienna!" -Cassie K.

"If there's time, I would like to visit the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel in Vienna. It is located in the Prater Amusement Park and is the oldest of its kind. The amusement area is called Wurstelprater. Here, we can find amusement facilities, pubs and restaurants. The city of Vienna's tourism board ranked Riesenrad as one of the top four attractions in the city. I think we could all find something to do here!!" -Ashley C.

"One restaurant I really want to try while in Vienna is called Loca. I have never really had Austrian food before but this place seems to be the best! This place is a little on the expensive side, but it has great reviews. I really hope we can make it here!" -Maddie T.

"I am a dancer and one thing I had to look up initially was if there were any dance school in Vienna and to my surprise there are! The Dance School of Elmayer is the finest institution for ballroom dancing in Vienna. I would love to just walk through the dance school and watch a class learning or performing any type of ballroom dancing. This place would be a joy to visit!" -Gabbi R.

Well there you have it folks! A little bit of history as well as exciting places to visit while in Vienna. We are so pumped for this trip and we hope our blog posts make you just as excited as we are! Don’t forget to check back with us a week from today to see what's new in our research for our study abroad trip. Until next time!

And remember...Keep up with the TRAVEL BUGS, because we'll definitely take you places on our blog!\



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