Thursday, June 5, 2014

10 Days Until Departure!

Well, the countdown is officially at 10 days.  Next Sunday we head out of KC and travel to Budapest.  We don't get into Budapest until Monday afternoon, so I am praying the flight goes by quickly.  I feel as though we will all be so anxious to get to Europe that time is just going to drag on.

I cannot express how excited I am to go on this trip.  I know the rest of my group is equally as excited.  My biggest issue right now is figuring out what to pack (yes, I am already thinking about it this early).  I feel like that is a girl's biggest concern on a major vacation like this!  I have set out outfits and certain things so I don't overpack, because that is definitely one of my biggest issues when it comes to packing.

There are so many things I am looking forward to on this trip that I could probably write for hours about it.  I have never been anywhere in Europe so I am mainly excited to experience something new.  I can't wait to be immersed into different cultures, see things from a new perspective, and try new things.  I already know I am going to spend all my money on food (and perhaps a few drinks) over there.  I am such a foodie and love trying new things, so I know the cuisine over there will be something I look forward to trying.  I am also really excited to just walk the streets of the city and see all the sights from the big cathedrals and attractions, to the small side street cafes and shops.

Our assignment last week was to post about different attractions in each city we are traveling to.  This was probably my favorite assignment because I could research and read about all the fun and interesting things to do in each city.  My portion of the assignment this week was to look into even more attractions in Vienna and it just made me that much more excited.  If I am this excited about one city, I can't imagine how I will feel going to all three cities!  I want to experience as many of these attractions and sights as I can.  I am not going to take a minute of our time in Europe for granted.  I want to be doing something at all times, even if it is just walking around and exploring the city. 

I am really hoping the next 10 days fly by because I am getting way to anxious for this trip.  It seems like just yesterday I was saying "5 months until Europe".  Crazy how time flies!

Can't wait to see everyone at the airport and spend what will probably be the best 16 days of our lives together!  See you all shortly!

- Maddie -

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