Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bye Bye Vienna, Helllllloooooooo Prague!

          Today has been an eventful day! We loaded the bus in Vienna and headed to the train station where we said a heartfelt goodbye to our amazing tour guide Manuela and headed to Prague on a 4 1/2 hour train ride. As we were sad to leave Vienna, we didn't know we wouldn't be too thrilled with out sitting arrangements on the train either.  Apparently a toilet overflowed in one of the carts on train and we just so happen to be seated in the cart that came equipped with a floor covered in gross toilet water.  High five us!  But seriously it was pretty nasty and my cute little black flats became ridiculously drenched and I resorted to putting my feet in a plastic bag while I stayed in that cart. When I and a few others couldn't take anymore of the flooded floor I asked someone that worked on the train, what was up with all of the water and more importantly if and when they were going to clean it up.  That conversation led to us Eurocats moving to a nice, dry cart with plenty of open seats to choose from.
          After our slightly soggy train ride we arrived in Prague and met our new tour guide Petr.  It took Petr a second to warm up to us but once he did, he allowed us to give him the nickname of "P-Money"! After that Petr was good in our book.  He took us on a quick tour through the medieval and city center of Prague. While on our tour we saw the goregous sites of Prague and learned the history of a good portion of it! We started out at the Wallenstien palace which was just breathtaking.  Every building had it's own unique detailing and were so massive but a bit subtle at the same time.  The different color buildings made you feel like you were in a make-believe world. They were so picture perfect to the point that they seemed unreal.
          From the buildings, we stumbled upon the famous John Lennon Wall.  This wall was used as a type of rebellion by the youth against the communists back in the 1980s. The wall was used as a freedom of speech from the communists and was painted on by young Czechs; initially the first painting was of John Lennon. The wall was painted over by the communists and after two days it was painted again by those wanting to rebel. The wall eventually was boarded up to stop the painting but was taken down after the struggle with communism and now the wall is free and open to all around the world that desire to leave their mark.
          Another historic perk about Prague is the Charles Bridge.  The Charles Bridge was built in the year 1357 and was originally built with a paved ground. Tourists weren't allowed on the bridge until the year 1989 and on the bridge you can get lost in the beautiful view of the Vltava river.  As you walk down the bridge there are tons of statues made out of different color stone which were pretty cool to look at.
          Petr gave us a great tour around Prague today and I'm sure I'm not just speaking for myself when I say we got a lot of Praque historic exposure in all in just one afternoon.  Day 1 in Prague was nothing short of amazing and I can hardly wait to see what the next few days here are like. We'll I'm getting my things ready for our business visit with T-mobile tomorrow. Don't forget to check back here with Cassie to see how that visit goes. As always keep up with the Travel Bugs because we are definitely going places!

All my love from Prague,

Gabbi :)

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