Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Friday in Prague...

       Today was our last day of business visits for the trip! Definitely a nice weight off our shoulders because now we have a whole day and a half to explore the city and go see everything we have been wanting to see!  Not that the business visits weren't great, but we just really haven't had much time to see all that Prague has to offer.

       This morning, we visited HP.  It was actually really interesting because the HR girl gave us the presentation that she normally gives on college visits and what not.  They really value and strive to hire new college graduates, so I thought that was something that was really cool about their company.  They are such a huge company with locations in over 170 countries, I can only imagine how many college grads get hired!  It also sounds like a fun place to work.  They have on the job training, mentor programs, and many other outside of the workplace activities that really bring the employees together.  A program they just recently started, Young Guns, is a program that helps the newly hired graduates figure out what exactly they want to do within the company.  It allows them to work on projects in different departments and reall find their place.  Since I personally struggle with not knowing exactly what I want to do, that program really intrigued me.  It is definitely something more companies should look into. 

       Later this afternoon, we visited Prague College.  It was definitely not what I was expecting.  When I think of a college I picture a pretty campus, like ours.  But this college was just one building.  They only have about 500 students, so I guess a huge campus wouldn't be necessary, but it was still only one building!  So weird.  Prague college has three different schools including business, art and design, and computing and IT.  We mainly learned about the school of business and heard from multiple professors who taught within it.  They had a similar quality that reminded me of something HP does.  Starting in their first year, the students work on live projects with real companies to get some real world experience and explore their interests.  I know Northwest offers a lot of cool opportunities as well, but it is cool that they do it here as well!  The bachelors program at Prague College (and most of Europe) is only 3 years long, and the master program is only 1 year.  This seems ideal, but it is also very excellerated they said. 

       I would probably have to say that today was my favorite day of business visits so far.  They were the places that applied most to my current life (like going to school and figuring out what you want to do with your life). 

       After the visits, we came back to the hotel for some much needed relaxation until dinner.  Funny story is we got lost in Prague for about 2 hours tonight.  We took one of the trams in the opposite direction of where we were trying to go and basically rode to the outskirts of the city.  Luckily, we found a local who spoke English very well and he helped put us back on track.  After a few hours of wandering the city, we finally found the area we were wanting and enjoyed a lovely dinner at about 10:30pm.

       Tomorrow, we have the entire day off.  Like I said, I am excited to see everything I haven't been able to see these past few days!  It should be exciting!

(Also, the wifi in our hotel is very weak so I am not able to email myself pictures from today and upload them in my post.  But I definitely will as soon as we get a good connection!)

Until next time!

   - Maddie -

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