Tuesday, June 3, 2014

   Attractions, Meals and Prices

    In week three of our pre-work, we found ourselves looking deeper into what the city of Vienna has to offer. We researched different attractions to attend during group free times and an assortment of dining options for the group to enjoy while visiting the city. The goal of the assignment was for us to get a closer look at how much items cost compared to prices in the US. We began by looking at the price of basic items including a loaf of bread and bottle or can of coke. 

Maddie found that a loaf of bread cost about 1.5 euros or about 2.05 USD. Gabbi learned that a bottle of Coke in Vienna cost about 2.30 euros or 3.54 USD. Buying coke from the supermarket will run you .50 euros or about .77 cents. She suggest everyone budget out at least $6.00 for drinks everyday. For a fast food combo meal in Vienna, you're going to pay about 6 euros or 8.18 USD. Whereas, in Kansas City, MO the average price for a combo meal is $6.00!

For other purchases like fitness center memberships, movie tickets and iPhone we found prices to all be either higher or similar to US prices. Fitness memberships are about 46 Euros per month or 63 USD. For movie tickets in Vienna, we are looking to pay between 6.60-8.40 euros or between $10-$12. Ticket prices in the US are similar to those in Vienna, especially when purchasing tickets in bigger US cities.

IPhone in the European city are considerably more expensive than those in the US. For example, the prices for an iPhone 5c in Austria according to the apple store online range from 549.00 euros or $749.00(8 GB), 599.00 euros or $817.00 (16GB) and 699.00 euros or  $953.00(32 GB). The iPhone prices in the US are lower than those in Austria and the price to GB ratio is better in the US. Prices according to the apple store online range from $649.00 (16GB), $749.00 (32GB) and $849.00 (64GB).

   Overall, prices in Vienna, Austria are higher than any of the other cities we will visit on our trip of Eastern Europe. Consider these dining and attraction options that different members of the group found interesting.   

"One place that is on my list to stop by and check out is the Manner Shop. From the reviews it is some sort of candy shop and has some of the world’s best wafers! It is said to be reasonable in its pricing and the atmosphere is very vibrant and attractive. I thought this would be a great place to get souvenirs at for family and friends while also tasting what most are saying some of the finest chocolate and sweets in the world! It's about 4 miles away from the hotel and about 45 minutes if we walk, so that might be an issue, but from what I am seeing from the reviews it sounds pretty worth it to me!" -Gabbi R.

"Another activity that we could do would be the Music Film Festival in front of Vienna's City Hall (June - September).  It begins at dawn and entrance is free.  I tried typing in the City Hall’s address numerous times and Map Quest wasn’t able to find it so I’m not sure how far away from the hotel it is but I'm sure we could ask a local.  According to the Vienna Tourist Office “In July and August, Vienna’s City Hall Square is a pulsating meeting point for night owls who like to combine culture with dining out. Delicious dishes and music films from classical to pop guarantee perfect summer evenings - with free admission.”  -Cassie K.

Lastly, the free place I think we should visit could cost if you guys choose to buy something. We should definitely visit the  Vienna Naschmarkt or Vienna's main outdoor produce market. I've always wanted to visit the massive outdoor markets in other countries like I see in movies. They include a flea market on Saturday's and offer over 120 market stands. We can also choose from an array of restaurants. This may just be a place I team up with a few who want to go if the entire group chooses not to go. I just got my first set of Euros from the bank this week and I know this will definitely be a place I spend them (souvenirs!!). 
                                            People at a table in front of a vegetable stall

Several great dining options were offered to the discussion this week. The group seemed to like those suggestions made by Cassie and Maddie.

"Augustinerkeller is a wine bar with prices ranging from $14-$27.  It is a cozy atmosphere with live music in the evenings and they serve traditional Viennese food and Austrian wine.  The reviews said it is a little touristy, but has good food and fast service.  By car, it is only a 10 minute trip from the hotel. Esterhazykeller - is a historic, authentic Austrian restaurant named after a noble family.  The prices are around $8.  They even have their own vineyard and have a nice wine selection on the menu, all under the budget as well.  It is known to have a great wiener schnitzel (like I'm sure most places here do).  The drive would be about 10 minutes from the hotel."- Maddie T.


  "I've come to the conclusion that pizza is my favorite food so the Pizzeria Mafiosi caught my eye.  They have everything from sliced pizza to lasagna. "The topping selection is impressive and the prices are quite low; nothing on the menu costs more than 6 euros" Also, it's only 8 blocks from our hotel!" -Cassie K.


   As we inch closer to the day of our departure, I'm becoming more and more excited! Over the past three weeks, I have learned more about the countries we're visiting than I have in my entire life. I can't believe I'm really about to experience first hand a culture different from my own. We are 11 days away! Time to start packing!!!

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